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            Crushing equipment

            Counterattack crusher


            Product advantage Counterattack crusher is one of the most widely used crushing models at present. It is also one of the necessary models for high grade pavement material and Gao Tiegao grade aggregate production. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high output, reasonable aggregate of output aggregate and cube. The counterattack crusher can handle a variety of materials with a grain size of less than 500 mm and no more than 360 MPa in compressive strength (not suitable for crushing of ore or sticky materials with surface water greater than 8-10%), such as granite, limestone and concrete. It has the characteristics of high crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency and convenient maintenance. The finished product is cubic, which is an ideal processing equipment for aggregate used in highway surface and Hydropower construction. The impact crusher has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture and maintenance, no obvious unbalanced vibration and no heavy foundation. It makes full use of impact and counterattack to selective crushing, with high crushing efficiency and productivity, low power consumption and cubic granularity. The crushing ratio of the counter crusher is large, about 40 and up to 100. The size of the crusher used for crushing machine can reach the size of 2m3. fine-grained crusher. The size of the finished crusher can be less than 3mm. A counterattack crusher can complete two or three stages of crushing. Performance characteristics: 1, the structure is novel, unique, smooth operation, multi cavity uniform crushing, suitable for crushing hard rock; 2, energy consumption is small, production is high, crushing ratio is large, generally 10-20, and high can reach 50-60. 3, with plastic function, the shape of the product is cubic, the packing density is large, the size of discharging granularity is adjustable, and the crushing process is simplified. 4. The whole plate structure makes the row layout smaller and cubic, with no inner cracks. 5, low and large feed port, facilitate production line layout and increase feed size; 6. The new wear-resistant material of the impact crusher makes the plate hammer, counterattack plate and lining board live longer. 7, easy to use and maintain, and can be selectively broken. 8, the unique counterattack lining plate, especially for hard rock crushing, high efficiency and energy saving.


            型號 進料口尺寸    
            PF-1007 820×700 300 20-60 24-45 55 9.5 2400×1558×2660
            PF-1010 1170×720 350 20-60 50-80 75 10 2400×1915×2465
            PF-1210 1090×465 350 20-60 80-130 110 14 2560×2130×2795
            PF-1214 1440×465 350 20-60 100-160 132 18.5 2580×2400×2810
            PF-1315 1530×560 350 20-60 140-200 200 19.3 3305×2700×2570
            PF-1316 1690×859 350 20-60 150-220 200 19.5 3096×2850×2667
            PF-1516 1840×859 350 20-60 300-350 250 24.5 3700×3500×2780

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