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            Crushing equipment

            Hydraulic jaw crusher


            Advantages of hydraulic jaw crusher 1. Well made bearings and oil seals All the towering Luqiao PEV hydraulic jaw crusher all match the import or the same grade bearing to ensure its strength and stability, make the machine run smoothly, and use thin oil lubrication to prolong the service life of the bearing. Two. Safety protection of pressure arm device Luqiao PEV hydraulic jaw crusher produces broken forces by moving and backward movement. The movable seat hangs on the eccentric shaft above and the bottom is fixed with press arm, pressure arm seat and press arm to provide complete protection for the machine to prevent damage to the machine from breaking the broken body into the broken chamber. And the movable seat can maintain a fixed angle of movement. Three. The sturdy frame 1. the frame of all the main engine is made of special steel plate and cast steel through carbon dioxide gas protection welding, after annealing treatment, so it can withstand strong impact during the operation of the machine. 2. all the production process is through strict product pipe, inside and outside the body inside and outside the steel ball sand surface treatment, and then coating antirust primer, to protect the body, before the machine is completed over 8 hours of empty running test, pressure testing of the oil pressure system, to ensure the best quality. Four. Hydraulic adjustment The hydraulic adjusting machine is equipped with hydraulic adjustment device. Using the power tank and hydraulic cylinder and other components, it can easily and simply change the outlet setting, shorten the actual effect of adjustment, and can accurately meet the requirements of the grain size standard. Five. Large proportions of breakage The vertical hydraulic breaker has large and deep crushing chamber, and the designed crushing angle is sharp angle, so it can achieve a very large proportion of crushing rate. Under certain specifications, the single-arm crusher can simultaneously provide coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing product requirements.


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