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        Shanghai Han Yu heavy industry sand production line


        The sand and gravel production line (also known as the stone production line) is a special equipment for producing sand and stone for building, which is 50% energy saving than the traditional sand making machine. It can make all kinds of rock, sand, gravel and pebble to meet all kinds of granularity of building sand, with uniform grain size. The pressure strength is high, far more than building sand produced by natural sand and ordinary hammer sand machine, and can improve construction quality. The equipment has the characteristics of reliable performance, reasonable design, convenient operation and high efficiency. Artificial sand production line via feeder, Jaw crusher, broken after breaking into (sand machine, counter crusher) through the vibrating screen to get a variety of specifications of the requirements of the stone, sand through the efficient sand washing machine you need the finished product sand. The sand and gravel production line is defined according to the type of discharging. The finished products include stone and artificial sand, also known as sand and stone production line. It is equivalent to the combination of stone production line and sand production line. In the material plant, such as road building, building, etc., It is often necessary to have a public production line of sand and gravel. The equipment of this set of sand and gravel production lines can meet the requirements of simultaneous production of stone and artificial sand.


        The stone material on the sand and stone production line is delivered to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder evenly, and the coarse broken material is sent into the sand machine to be further broken. The fine-grained material is transported to the vibrating screen to be sieved to reach the grain size of the finished product.
        The required materials are sent to the washing machine, and the finished product conveyer belt is the finished product after cleaning. The material that does not meet the grain size requirements is reprocessed from the vibrating screen to the sand machine, forming a closed circuit cycle. The granularity of the finished product can be combined according to the needs of the user.
        Classification. If the dry process is chosen, the separator of coarse and fine powder and dust removal equipment can be equipped.

        First, the sand and stone production line has high automation, low operating cost, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution and easy maintenance. The Shanghai South Korean mechanism sand produced by the production is in conformity with the national standard of building sand, the grain size is uniform, the grain shape is good, and the gradation is reasonable.
        2. The sand and stone production line, the sand and stone equipment in addition to the start-up and shutdown of equipment and daily maintenance, almost no manual operation. It has the advantages of high production efficiency, low operation cost, large output, high profit, uniform granularity and good granularity, and conforms to the national high speed.
        Material requirements.
        Three, sand and stone production line, sand and stone equipment in the design of process flow, due to the reasonable matching of crushing equipment at all levels, and strict space cross layout, it has the characteristics of small area, high investment economic benefit, good quality of crushed stone and low stone powder production rate.
        At the same time, it is equipped with advanced electronic control operating system, which ensures smooth discharge, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving.
        Four. The sand and stone production line is a special equipment for the production of sand and stone for building. It can save about fifty percent to sixty of the energy saving than the traditional sand making machine. The sand and stone production line is widely used in stone plant, mine, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.
        The production capacity ranges from 50 to 500 t/h, and the finished product granularity can be combined and graded according to different needs of users. Three major performance advantages of sand and stone production line:
        1, more convenient maintenance operation mode, relative to other production line equipment and equipment maintenance and maintenance simple, vulnerable parts color with the latest high strength and wear-resistant materials in the country, low loss, long service life, can bring considerable economic benefits for customers.
        2, the fully automated operation process, the production efficiency is higher, the work efficiency is more optimized, the degree of automation is high, the crushing ratio is big, the production efficiency is high, the amount of treatment is big, the broken products are cube shaped, the needle sheet content is low, there is no internal crack, and the pressure strength is high.
        3. It has been successfully applied to limestone, basalt, granite, cobblestone and other rock crushing and processing. The quality of the finished product reaches the standard of GB14685-2001, which is provided for the industries of high highway, railway, water conservancy and concrete mixing station.
        Qualified aggregate.

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