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        Dedusting separator

        High efficiency sand powder separator


        SF series high efficiency sand powder separator is specially used to separate the super standard stone powder in the dry process of mechanism sand. It is very convenient to control the content of sand and stone powder and meet the requirements of the users. In the process of sand separation, stone powder content can be adjusted between 0.00--0.75mm and 2%-15%. It is an indispensable sand separation equipment. Performance characteristics:


        Performance characteristics:
        1, stone powder quality is easy to control, fineness adjustment is convenient, flexible and reliable.
        2, the tile lining, the maintenance rate is very low;
        3, using frequency conversion control technology, the operation is more concise.

        The SF series of sand and stone separators are mainly used to shovel the material into the hopper by the forklift.

        Completion of jobs. The operation of each class of 1-2 people is simple in structure, economical and applicable, and easy to operate. 

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