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        Sand washing and sand washing equipment

        Spiral sand washing machine


        XL spiral washer (also known as spiral washer), the bottom of the sands of this series of sand washing machine is surrounded by three edge weir plates to form a sedimentation tank, but the spiral head does not enter the sedimentation tank. The spiral propulsion principle is used for fine sand and dehydration. The series should be tilted at the angle of 15 degrees and can be used in metallurgical industry for classification operation.


        XL spiral washer (spiral stone washer) is a kind of particle with different particle size and density of material with different settling velocity in the fluid, the fine particle size, small density of particles settling speed is slow, and the particle size and large density of the particles have fast settling velocity, and the dust and impurities are separated from the sand. Under the uniform stirring of the spiral piece, the impurity can be considered and the transportation can be increased.

        型 號
        Screw diameter
        水槽長度Chute length
        入選粒度Stone size
        螺旋轉速Screw speed
        Water consumption
        重 量Weight
        Overall Dimension
        XL915 915 7585 ≤10 100 21 11 10-80 6.2 8420×2810×3960
        2XL915 915 7585 ≤10 200 21 2×11 20-160 11.1 8420×3765×3960
        XL1115 1115 9782 ≤10 175 17 15 20-150 10.2 10970×3945×4720
        2XL1115 1115 9782 ≤10 350 17 15×2 40-300 17.5 10970×5250×4720

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