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        Compound conical crusher


        Product advantage Compound conical crusher for short (taper breaking) has a very wide range of uses, can be broken to medium or above material, there are four kinds of crushing cavity, such as coarse, medium, fine and superfine. With the best combination of breaking frequency and eccentricity, the broken material is more fine, the output is higher than that of the same type. At the same time, the laminating effect between the material particles is enhanced and the solid shape after the material is broken. With the combination of advanced technical platform support and actual production experience, our company has designed and developed a new generation of composite cone crusher. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, large output, reliable performance and high performance price ratio, especially in the super large broken production line, two or three stages of breakage, in view of the advantages of high hardness and crushing of super hard materials. Obvious. The structure of the spring conical crusher with spring is retained, and the structural features of the HP high performance cone crusher's spindle and the frame are fixed and the eccentric shaft revolves around the spindle, so that the compound spring high efficiency conical crusher has the advantages of the spring conical crusher and the HP high performance cone crusher. The minimum discharge port of the conical crusher can be adjusted by 4mm, which can be used to make artificial sand. If it is used in metal mine concentrator, it can meet the requirements of "multi crushing and less grinding" world advanced ore dressing technology. In addition to making sand, the crusher can also be widely used in metal mines, cement plants, building materials industry and other kinds of ore and rock, such as iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, Xuan Wuyan, granite, limestone, quartzite, Sha Yan, cobblestone, and so on. Performance characteristics: 1, advanced technology platform support, the structure is more reasonable, the whole machine stiffness is stronger; re adjust the crushing frequency and eccentricity, with more smoothly, yield is higher; 2. Compound cavity is adopted to increase the solid shape content of material, and the principle of material lamination is fully utilized to reduce wear and breakage ratio. 3. The whole machine adjusts the hydraulic operation, which is faster and more labor-saving, adopts the hydraulic mechanism to clear the cavity, and controls the cleaning time of the material of the blocking machine within a few minutes. 4. Finishing the inside of the crushing wall without filling adhesive and cleaning the surface of the spindle. The replacement is simpler and time-consuming. 5, the oil road of the body uses dynamic seal, without water and butter seal, the core movement is reliable, long life, complete control and detection system, all directional protection of the host.


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