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            Crushing equipment

            VB series plastic sand making machine


            Features of the model: VB sand making machine series: the VB series vertical impact crusher will combine the unique rotor design with the effective and precise control of the by-pass feed system, which greatly improves the production capacity and product quality. And reduce the cost of production and the consumption of wear parts, VB series of vertical impact crusher after the optimized design of the wear parts greatly improve the maintenance of the convenience and reduce the replacement time, automatic control and manual control system, the perfect combination of the maximum reduction of the workload of equipment maintenance. The double fling combination of the Fengshen rotor has the maximum extension of the wear time and the protection of the rotor will not be damaged by excessive wear. The two spillage system can completely control the particle size distribution and the grain size distribution with different rotational speeds. VB series vertical shaft type; hit crusher is the perfect combination of precision manufacturing and excellent design. The auxiliary PLC control system achieves the simple operation of the man-machine interface, reduces the operation difficulty in use and the training time of the operators. Performance characteristics (1) the structure is simple and the cost is low. (2) high efficiency and energy saving and high crushing efficiency. (3) it has the function of fine grinding and coarse grinding. (4) Through the non-crushing material capacity, less affected by material moisture, water content can reach 8%, suitable for dry or semi-dry sand. (5) Crushable medium hard and special hard materials (such as corundum, sintered bauxite, etc.). (6) the product is a cube, and the iron pollution is small. (7) Material self-lining in impeller and swirl crushing chamber greatly reduces the cost of wearing parts and maintenance workload. (8) easy operation, maintenance and installation. (9) working noise is less than 75 decibels (DB) (10) light weight, various installation methods, removable installation and so on.


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