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        How to judge the quality of jaw crusher

        Source:Shanghai Han Yu Complete Machinery Co.,Ltd.Time:2018-03-15Views:Loading...

          Jaw crusher is widely used in the market today, coarse stone broken equipment, the customer's purchase of equipment, which should be selected from several aspects? First of all depends on the quality of the equipment itself is passing, but also the efficiency of the equipment work , as well as the inspection of every accessory of the equipment.

          The quality of the Jaw Crusher depends on how the finished product quality of the Jaw Crusher is. The quality of the finished Jaw Crusher is related to the discharge port of the Chop Crusher and the Crusher. The crushing capacity of the fascia board is closely related; next it depends on the production efficiency, which is the output value per unit time. It is undoubtedly more capable of creating an economy for customers. Effective, and equipment production efficiency is also a comprehensive judgment of performance, in which the structural design is the most critical; the final is to see the production details, as large as the whole casting method of the rake type stone breaker, small to screw, nut selection, etc. s Choice.


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