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        How to operate the crusher in hot summer

        Source:Shanghai Han Yu Complete Machinery Co.,Ltd.Time:2018-03-15Views:Loading...

          In such a continuous hot weather, not only people need heatstroke prevention, but mechanical equipment also needs “heatstroke prevention”. The crusher is a kind of mining machinery equipment, because the crusher must work outdoors, and the workload is huge, in high temperature weather, the equipment temperature is too high to easily malfunction. Therefore, the user must do the “sunstroke prevention” work of the crusher, otherwise it will not only affect the production but also cause safety accidents.

          How does the high temperature environment affect the crusher?

          [1] In a high-temperature environment, the temperature of the crusher itself will increase, and unpredictable abnormal conditions are likely to occur, such as abrupt shutdown, sudden failure of the spindle, etc.;

          [2] Because of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the high temperature will expand the parts of the crusher, resulting in more friction and deviation in the occlusion of each part, which will not only affect the production schedule, the friction will also make the temperature rise further;

          [3] The high temperature environment will increase the oil temperature of the crusher lubricant, and the oil film and viscosity will be reduced. The local oil film will be destroyed, the lubrication effect between the parts and the bearing capacity of the bearing will be reduced, and even more, the lubricant will be carbonized and burnt.

          How to cool the crusher

          1. Clean up the oil and dust of the engine body in time and do dust prevention work to ensure that the engine maintains good heat dissipation. Although some of the current equipments have upgraded their dust-proof systems and reduced the probability of downtime due to dust, the problem of dust becomes even more serious in summer due to high temperatures and dry air. For example, it is necessary to regularly check the fixing bolts of the cone-breaking dust-proof sealing slip ring to prevent the dust-proof seal and the slip ring from coming off, so that a large amount of dust and ore sand enters the body, causing crusher scrap or significant economic loss.

          2. Check whether the cooling system and fuel system are unobstructed and replace the aged wires, plugs, tubing, screws, and fastening fuel lines to prevent fuel leakage.

          3, for the equipment to replace the appropriate oil viscosity level, the general summer oil viscosity level is higher than some other appropriate. The engine oil and various parts of the lubricating oil need to be replaced with the summer oil. The amount of oil is appropriate. Regularly check if there is oil leakage, especially the fuel oil.

          4, summer high temperature, increase the rate of equipment failure and the fire rate, for each machine is equipped with 1-2 fire extinguishers at random, in case of accidents.

          5. The installation environment of the equipment in the room is preferably set in a place where the ventilation is relatively good. At the same time, attention must be paid to adjusting the indoor temperature and the ventilation and air permeability of the surrounding environment. It is best to ensure that the working environment temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, to maintain a good working environment for the crusher.

          6, for some of the core components of the device, check the temperature at any time during work, if it is found that the temperature is too high, be sure to stop and rest, or take some measures to reduce the temperature of the parts. Excessive temperatures can easily cause equipment aging and shorten its service life.

          7. Crushers operating outdoors are generally not able to reduce the ambient temperature by reducing the ambient temperature. This can reduce the amount of machinery used, reduce power, and reduce heat emissions, or install awnings around or above the machine to reduce it. The sun exposure time can also effectively reduce the temperature of the machine.

          Finally, a warm reminder: In summer, workers working on the gravel site, such as mobile crusher equipment, work at high temperatures should pay more attention to safety, as operators, if once the heat stroke fainted, will cause unimaginable problems. Safety first, pay attention to heatstroke


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