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        What are the factors that affect the life of the crusher?

        Source:Shanghai Han Yu Complete Machinery Co.,Ltd.Time:2018-03-15Views:Loading...

          1. The natural environment where the crusher equipment is located

          The extreme heat, coldness, rain, snow, wind and altitude in the natural environment will all have a great impact on the normal use of crushing machinery. When the crushing machinery is used under conditions of extreme heat, severe cold, etc., it shall take necessary measures to protect the crusher and make necessary adjustments to certain parameters of the equipment according to actual conditions.

          2, frequent oil spills

          The crusher in the work due to the harsh environment, the current angle of dust is too large, leading to clogging of the return pipe, the accumulation of plutonium will impede the flow of oil, resulting in oil leakage, so that the parts inside the equipment are not properly lubricated and damaged; or hydraulic The stability of the system and the quality of the hydraulic components. The quality of hydraulic components and seals cannot meet the requirements, and they are prone to oil leakage. They have also played a protective role in iron, causing non-broken materials to enter the machine and seriously damaging the components inside the machine. Frequent oil leakage will result in severe equipment damage and thus reduce The life of the crusher.

          3, improper use and maintenance

          Although the structure of the equipment is simple and reliable, it is strictly in accordance with the operating procedures in use. Many users in the country are not properly operating and maintaining due to lack of experience and carelessness, and they cannot perform better performance. If it is true that the entire crushing chamber is packed with materials as required, instead of just filling the material in the feeding space on the moving and fixed cone lining board, whether or not the lubricant is added on time; whether the tree root, wire, etc. in the cavity are cleaned in time. Sundries. The details that are ignored in all these tasks will inevitably accelerate the wearing of wearing parts, resulting in poor oil paths, etc. Accumulation to a certain extent will lead to major economic losses, and even lead to crusher scrap, shortening the service life given by the manufacturer.

          4, poor wear resistance of components

          If the crusher's frame, liner, hammer, bearings and other major components used in the material is poor or poor wear resistance. It will affect the use of the entire machine. When working, if the material is too hard, the heat treatment process of the material will be low, and the wear resistance will not exceed the hardness of the material. During the crushing, the wear will be increased, the crushing force will be sufficient, and even the fracture will occur. However, according to statistics, frequent damage to components will not only reduce the life of the machine, but also cause some problems.


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